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Thread: Multiple zbd files.

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    Default Multiple zbd files.

    I have noticed that several users Application Data directories contain multiple .zbd and .idm files (Zimbra.zdb, Zimbra1.zdb, Zimbra2.zdb, etc).

    It seems as though the Zimbra.zdb file is the one that is in use, but I am curious what those other files are and why they get created.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If someone shares a folder with you, when you open his mailbox, you will get another profile with the number appended. So for the first mailbox you open, your profile for that mailbox will be Zimbra1, the second, Zimbra2, etc. Zimbra will be your main (primary) profile.

    On another note, if you delete the profile, we don't delete the actual .zdb file. So if you create another primary profile called Zimbra, and there is already a file called Zimbra.zdb there, the zdb file will be called Zimbra-1.zdb.

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