Hey everyone, I have a user who has just switched to a new laptop. So I figured I'd install Outlook 2003, ZCO, and download her emails. This works 99% of the time. This time is a special case:

The entire Zimbra mailbox, calendar, contacts from the server is downloaded to her new laptop. But her old laptop's Outlook/ZCO profile is different. Her 4GB zimbra profile on her old laptop has now turned into a 2GB zimbra profile on her new laptop. She has her emails but not all of them are in the folders she has moved them to, some of the folders that exist on her old laptop do not exist on the server, and for some reason her sent folder does not have any sent emails from the old laptop. I'd say 50% of the stuff is synced properly with the emails. Her calendar and contacts are 100% synced between the old laptop, server, and new laptop.

Does anyone have an idea of how this occurred? More importantly, how would you go about getting the file structure and missing emails back? A solution that would allow me to keep all the information without duplicates would be best.

I tried creating a new zimbra profile on the new computer and load her original zimbra profile. But when it starts to sync I get the Zimbra Server Mismatch error. Because of this I deleted that profile and put the user back on the original profile until I can resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance,