Hey All,

We have a User A who is running Outlook 2003 (all updated) on an XP Box with OLK 5.0.3. and is getting some very strange occurrences. She is set up to access User B's computer and alter or create appointments as needed. Here are the following issues..

1. Updates made in User B's calendar shows up in all the attendee calendars but not in User B's

2. Updates made in User B's calendar show in his calendar but don't show in User A's calendar (even if she includes herself on the attendee list). Nor does User A get an email asking to Accept or Decline the change. Additionally, if the meeting is moused over in the web mail, it states that it is still waiting for User A to perform some action (I'm guessing Accept/Decline).

3. When one instance of a recurring instance is altered, it will show either show up in User B's calendar but not in the other attendees calendar OR it will show up but then revert back to the original date and time.

It's been concluded by us that this may be a bug with the Outlook Connector but if anyone could shed some light on this it would help a lot.