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Thread: ZCO and Outlook 2007

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    Default ZCO and Outlook 2007


    We've recently upgraded to Zimbra 5 and I've deployed Outlook 2007 on a test machine to see if the two will play together well. Zimbra 4.5 had serious issues with 2007. Below are a few issues that I'm having:

    1. AVG AntiVirus - Whenever I restart my system, Outlook won't send e-mails. It just hangs during sending. I shut down the AVG Tray Icon and the problem goes away. I don't have this issue with Outlook 2003 OR 2007 when I uninstall the Connector. Any thoughts on this?

    2. Shared Calendars - In Outlook 2003, there was always an option right there to open a shared calendar. It's not there in 2007, which poses a rather significant problem for me, as we need that functionality. I've been told that you can FILE>OPEN>USER FOLDERS and get to calendars that way, but when I try that, I get an error saying the Object Could Not Be Found. Further research suggests that true shared calendar functionality is only available in Outlook 2007 if you're running an Exchange Server. Surely, this is not the case?


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    outlook 2007 you need to go under tools>settings then there should be an internet calendar tab.

    I'd just disable avg scanning of email, I use avg 8.0 and it works fine, but I dont scan emails, zimbra does that for me.

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