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    Default [SOLVED] Shared Folders

    I'm not sure if this is implemented and I can't find anywhere to set this up, but here is what I have and need to know if this can be done with Zimbra.

    In Outlook we have main "Mailbox" that is connected to an Exchange server. We also have "Public Folders." Zimbra does the Mailbox just fine with the connector installed, I love it! The Public Folders I have no idea how to do this.

    Our Public Folders contain a folder that contains public calenders that everyone can edit and some more folders that are fax-to-email.

    In Zimbra I have the "Mailbox" and I created a "Zimbra Delegated Folders." When I create this, Outlook crashes. When I restart Outlook I have "Zimbra Delegated Folders." When I click on that I get "The set of folders could not be opened. The Server is not available. Contact your admin..." I'm the admin
    About the only thing I can do to that is "Close" it which makes it go away for ever.

    So what to do?
    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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    I'm not sure if this is anywhere but I got this working. Here is what I did.

    I created a public user, and name it "Public Folders" so it looks the same as what we have now.

    I then created distrubution lists for grouping people into access groups.

    In plubic user, through the web interface, I shared the calendar and mail boxes to the distrubition lists I created. You can share to users also, but I want to manage this from the admin section with the distribution lists.

    In Outlook I right click on my Zimbra mail box and select "Open Other Folder..." and for the Name I selected my public user.

    I then can see everything I have "Zimbra - Public Folders" for the distrobutions groups I am a memeber of that are assigned to the shared items in public user.

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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    Seems you found a solution already - but just wanted to say: Welcome to the Forums!

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