I found lots of stuff that looked similar about Outlook crashes, but nothing really seemed like the right thing.

We're running: Version 5.0.6_GA_2313.RHEL4_64.NETWORK
Outlook 2007 with SP1
installed ZOC 5.0.2 GA_1967_5.0.2 465.1.msi

Our office manager has many shared calendars for various meeting rooms and such. She can view them in Outlook without a problem.

Whenever she tries to create a new appointment on one of the shared calendars, Outlook crashes with that long error-report message from MS...

Something like, "Outlook encountered a problem and must be restarted. Submit this crash-report to MS...blah blah."

When Outlook restarts, we look at the shared Calendar and sure enough, the appointment DID get created in the Calendar.

But why is Outlook crashing?

PS: I know that's not the current version of ZOC for the version of Zimbra we're running, but so far, the current ZOC version hasn't done anything at all for us. We install it and Outlook just sits there looking at us. None of us wants to sink days/weeks of bug-shooting into the new connector when the older one generally appears to work.