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Thread: Idiots guide to personas

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    Default Idiots guide to personas

    Hi All,

    Could someone please give me a quick 5 minute run down on how to use the persona feature from outlook?

    Maybe I'm missing something, but currently the only way I have been able to find to change the "from" address of an outgoing email is to show the "From" field and then manually type in the address. This only seems to set the "From:" header though, the "Reply-to:" is still set to the primary email account which is no good for us. Surely this isn't the only way?

    What does the "use this persona as an outlook identy" check mark do?? I thought "identites" where an Outlook Express thing? Does it mean Profile? Whats the difference between having it ticked and not having it ticked? Why can you only tick it for one persona?

    I am really looking for a way to mimic what outlook does with it's "Accounts" drop down. Can this be done currenty? We are looking at rolling out multiple domains at our company as we have started a "side line", but for this to work:

    a) everyone has to be able to choose which of the the domains to send from easily. Everyone uses outlook, and while persona's seem to be really neat from the webclient, it's somewhat different from outlook. I would really like to role this out without having to go though each account one by one...

    b) we have to be able to automaticly get replies going out from the correct address. So if someone emails, the reply needs to come from Again, I would really like to get this working without having to create individual personas for each and every account.

    Maybe I'm missing something with outlook, or maybe the features are just not there yet. I would appricate if anyone could give any insight.

    This is with 5.0.7 Network and the version of the connector that comes with that.

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    Same question from me: How can I set the Outlook reply-to address?

    The Persona field has a reply-to box, but this seems to be ignored...

    Any thoughts?

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