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Thread: ZCS Connector Performance

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    Default ZCS Connector Performance

    Hello -- we are currently running a communigate pro server from Stalker software. Our server is located in California and the farther a user is away from California and the larger their email the worst the performance is.

    So my questions are:

    - Does the connector work
    - How is the performance? Do you need to go get a cup of coffee when its trying to sync email?
    - Anybody using this for clients that are really far away, such as Europe to the States?

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    Well I use it and it works well but I may have a biased opinion. The initial sync time depends on how much mail you have. I've got ~ 1GB of mail and it takes several minutes to download all the mail. Sync'ing after that is rather quick, I've used it when traveling and assuming a decent internet connection the sync times are not that long. They happen in the background so you can continue to work while it syncs. Of course all of this is relative to your mail usage profile, the connections to the internet for the server and the client and the amount/type of mail your sync'ing.

    The best way to experience this in your environment is to grab the Network trial and check for yourself with a mailbox that represents an avg user in your environment.
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