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Thread: Personas Tab Missing (retry)

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    Default Personas Tab Missing (retry)

    Everytime I post I'm getting flagged as spam. Trying again.

    I've exhausted everything I could think of to fix this. I've completely uninstalled Office 2007 and the Zimbra Outlook Connector 5.0.7 to no avail. I'm unable to see the Personas tab in Outlook or the Zimbra Server Rules. The About Zimbra doesn't even show up in the Help menu. Everything else seems to work. I was previously getting the same error as in this thread:

    Debug Assertion Failed
    Program: ...Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE
    File: ...franklin-507/mapi/src/sharingaddin/addin.cpp
    Line: 1610

    Expression: g_pAddinInstance

    I re-installed the connector and after that the Personas tab disappeared. If anyone has any info on how to get it back, I'd much appreciate it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wrenchpilot View Post
    Everytime I post I'm getting flagged as spam. Trying again.
    No, you're not - the post just needs moderating, it's to stop spam.


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