We are currently doing a trial on the Network Edition, and Outlook usage is pretty important for our userbase.

[https only, using our own OpenLDAP directory to authenticate against]

I'm currently trying out the Outlook Connector and can't get the Free/busy options and contacts lookup to work (I did try searching the forums):

1. Free/Busy: I went to the Calendar Options and put in https://<servername>/service/pubcal/freebusy.ifb?acct=%name%@%server% as suggested in one of the threads. This consistently results in an error in Outlook saying that the lookup failed "An error occured while reading Internet free/busy data. General Failure." I can go to my browser and manually input the URL (after substituting the username and servername in the appropriate places) and it works. Any suggestions?

2. While trying to create a meeting request, I can't see any of the usernames from the Zimbra server. Do I need to setup the Contacts list somehow?

[Just a note: After I installed the Outlook Connector, and restarted Outlook, I did not get a dialog box asking me to configure my Zimbra account. I had to do it via the "Additional Server Types" option while creating a new email account in outlook.]