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Thread: Strange Outlook 2007 ZCS 99 CPU Problem

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    Default Strange Outlook 2007 ZCS 99 CPU Problem


    One of my users is experiencing a 99% CPU use on process OUTLOOK.EXE.

    Occurs about 15 seconds after Outlook opens, memory usage of the process keeps fluctuating between around 100,000 and 240,000, and changes drastically every second. Every now and then OFFLB.EXE (Office LifeBoat) process launches.

    Have tried compacting ZDB, Moving ZDB out of profile, Reinstalling ZCS and reinstalling Outlook. Have also uninstalled Windows Desktop Search and have disabled all Addins and started Outlook in Safe Mode. Problem persists no matter what, and happens every time.

    I have attached a log file.

    User is on Windows XP SP3, and on the same laptop/configuration as 3 other users. ZCS version 5.0.7

    She is the only user experiencing this issue out of out 30-odd users.

    Please advise.
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    It seems sync thread hangs while trying to process new created message with subject 'head bt'.
    Try to upgrade to the latest 5.0.9 connector. If that does not help.
    Open a case and and provide support original message in the outlook .msg file.
    Also process memory dump will be usefull. (see

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