After a server upgrade to 5.0.9 and afterwards upgrading ZCS Outlook connector to the corresponding version, Outlook shows each mail twice in shared folders.

This is what we did:
- Server upgrade 5.0.0 to 5.0.9 (on CentOS 5, rsp. RHES 5)
- ZSC Outlook Connector downloaded from Admin Console.
- Upgraded Connector on one computer with Win XP and Outlook 2003 --> No problem
- Upgraded Connector on 3 more computers (also Windows XP and Outlook 2003)
--> Computer 1: Owner reports very slow machine (Outlook takes between 10..50 % CPU time)
--> Computer 2 and 3: Outlook shows all mails in shared folders twice (duplicated entries). Zimbra Web Client shows the folders correctly (no duplicate entries).
--> Computer 3: Outlook does not show 'About Zimbra Connector for Outlook' in the help menu.

Any ideas on how to resolve the duplicate mails problem?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards, Thomas