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    Need a bit of help.

    Our legal department now wants to have a shared task list that they can all work called "legaltasks". I created a new task list under the CCO's zimbra web account called "legaltasks" which now shows up in his outlook tasks list. I have then shared this task list via zimbra with other users.. they accept and now it shows up in their Tasks lists on zimbra web client (sweet) but never shows up in their Outlook client (not so sweet). I notice that the created share in the CCO's web client has a different icon than the shared icon in the users web client (created differently?). My guess is that this is not going to work????

    So thinking ouside the box I created a new email account called and then shared the root "TASKS" to all of the users including the CCO's and selected this from the GAL (in outlook) for all of the users needing this and it worked.. The CCO says this will work but he wants some users to only be able to add and edit tasks not remove... and this is not a default permission for sharing... is there a way to work with the permissions other than what is given via web share tool? Is this second method the best way to accomplish my sharing needs?

    Also I have also noticed that in outlook 2007 there is no option to view a shared calendar or task list via GAL???? any Ideas on this?


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    Yeah Outlook has a bit of a different way of doing things if you want something to sync via Outlook you have to actually share it using Outlook, Also in 2007 there is a way to view the shared items they just moved it around. If you go to file - open - view shared items (or something in that order) you can select whos items you wish to view. Its kind of a dumb way Microsoft Outlook does it but it does work.

    Just remember anything you want to be shared via Outlook you have go physically share it through Outlook.
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