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Thread: [SOLVED] Can't get ZCS Configuration Dialog

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    Default [SOLVED] Can't get ZCS Configuration Dialog

    I have been trying to install the connector on a XP SP2 machine with outlook 2007 and can install the connector but can't create a profile. This initial install goes o.k but I get the message that a profile could not be created and should be create it manually.
    When I try and create it manually the computer freeze at the poin where the Zimbra Server Configuration Settings dialog should pop up.
    I have attached logs of the install of the connector, a log of outlook opening, a log when adding the connector manually and the system nfo file.

    ZCS 5.0.9
    connector filename ZimbraOlkConnector-5.0.9_GA_2500_5.0.2706.9.msi
    Outlook version 12.0.6316.500 SP1 MSO 12.0.6320.5000
    MSPST32.dll version 12.0.6315.5000

    I hope somebody can help with my problem, I have tried it 3 machines including new laptop with fresh install of Office 2007 with exactly the same problems. It works fine on Outlook 2003 so maybe related to Outlook 2007.


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    Usually that is caused by wrong (very old version or version that does not support UNICODE) of MAPI subsystem.
    If there were Groupwise client installed or maybe Exchange Administration Tools.

    What settings are insinde
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Microsoft Outlook

    What is version of mapi32.dll in the %SYSTE32% directory?

    What if try to run fixmapi.exe utililty?

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    Henry you are a star, the fixmapi.exe sorted the problem out. I have been pulling my hair out and you come along and resolve it in a second.

    Thank You


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