Hello all

I am trying to access my ZCS (50309_GA_2500, over WAN, not on my LAN) with Outlook Connector (5.0.2706.9) but whenever, I try I keep receive the error message above:

"Invalid Account GUID. Reconfiguration Failed"

To be noted that such a ZCS is running not on port 80 but on another port to which I have fully access when I use Zimbra via web client. Pls note that there is no firewall running on the PC with the Zimbra Outlook Connector...

And pls note that on the same PC, with the same Outlook Connector, when trying to access another ZCS (on a LAN machine, running on port 80), I have no issue at all....

Any idea pls ?
Do not suggest me to redirect ZCS on the WAN to port 80 becuase I simply can't!

Thank you!