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Thread: Uninstalling Zimbra test

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    Default Uninstalling Zimbra test

    I'm having a few issues trying to get Zimbra test (we're evaluating) to run concurrently w/our existing IMAP mail. Installing the connector nuked everything (which is OK , since IMAP!) but removing I started receiving startup errors because there was prob no default PST file. So I wanted to go back to my orig IMAP setting. Now on Outlook 2k7 start I get an error:

    "Addin Zimbra Client Extension sharingaddin.dll cannot be loaded and has been disabled by outlook. Pls contact the addin mfr for update. if no update is available pls uninstall the add-in"

    I dont see any Zimbra entries in Regedit that look add-on related.

    How do I do that, exactly?
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