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Thread: [OC Received Time bug]Incorrect timestamp stored in database

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    Default [OC Received Time bug]Incorrect timestamp stored in database

    Upload Emails using Outlook connector will make some email shown incorrect timestamp, mis-use of upload time as received timestamp, especially in Index folder

    In Zimbra's MySql database, the `date` field in mboxgroup$USER_ID has incorrect timestamp, it presuming that the Email is received at the time of the upload

    To replace `date` field using the time listed in "Date: " header of the email; Attached a script to fix the issue

    Version happen:
    Outlook 2003 + ZCS Network 5.0.7 + Connector 2.07_GA_2450_5.0.2661.7.msi

    How to reproduce:
    1. upload your mails by moving mail from other pst file in Outlook (using connector! not pst import wizard!)
    2. wait until it has fully synchronized with the server
    3. delete the whole profile and data file of zimbra
    4. rebuild zimbra's profile
    5. redownload and see, mails should have incorrect timestamp

    Usage of the fix script:
    ./ <your_user's_name>

    It will parse all email in your user's store and then get the date, build the timestamp and store in mysql
    Attached Files Attached Files
    I can provide custom solution for Zimbra to Zimbra migration.

    Move your mailboxes individually or just item inside each mailbox

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