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Thread: Forcing a resync

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    Default Forcing a resync

    Hi guys

    I have noticed that outlook goes out of sync with some my clients every now and then and I believe a re-sync would fix the issue.

    Is there a way to force a re-sync?


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    After migrating to another server, our users must force a resync, too.

    Any ideas how that can be done?

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    The best way is to rebuild your client profiles. This is of course a total pain in the arse but there you go.

    Heres the steps I take (I use win xp pro sp3 + outlook 2007):

    1. go to control panel/mail

    2. delete any mail profiles you have there.

    3. go to control panel/add remove programs

    4. remove zimbra outlook connector

    5. restart pc

    6. gather settings for client profile ie mail server/user/pass

    7. install zimbra outlook connector

    8. start outook

    9. enter server details

    10. let Zimbra resync -- this is an overnight process for me

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