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    We have a couple of users reporting that their tags on mail items are randomly disappearing. The users share one account sync'd to Outlook 2007 on two computers. One user is an assistant to the other and the assistant marks messages as "categories" in Outlook which get pushed to Zimbra as tags then back down to Outlook on the other machine. At seemingly random times, all of their tags disappear from both the server and Outlook sides. I've looked around and can't find any bugs related to this. Has anyone else been seeing this behavior?

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    I am one of the clients y@w is talking about.

    We have tried any number of things. We have tried creating categories in Outlook on one computer and sometimes (not always), they sync over to another computer's Outlook which is using the same Zimbra account. But other times they don't sync. But even when they did sync, they disappeared after a short while with no explanation from the second computer.

    So after reading that Zimbra tags are supposed to transfer over to Outlook as categories, we tried another route. We created tags on the same account using the Zimbra web client. Sure enough, they synced over properly to Outlook. But then they suddenly disappeared a short time later from both Outlook and the Zimbra web client.

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