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Thread: 5.0.10 Connector Issues

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    Default 5.0.10 Connector Issues

    After upgrading both the server and connector to 5.0.10 some of our users are experiencing some weird issues.

    We have had a few users that seems have had the old bug where new mail isn't showing up in outlook. The only solution is to close and re-open outlook. I haven't seen this until this past week and i'm not sure why it would pop up all of a sudden.

    Also, we have had some users getting some issues syncing. When they start up outlook it syncs gal,mail, and calendars. We have a shared calendar that most people use and it basically just says unknown failure when trying to sync that calendar. It continues to try to sync it over and over with the same error.

    Anyone else seen these issues with this 5.0.10 release?


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    Yes! I think it did fix the problem. Thanks a lot.

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