I'm new to Zimbra (don't know anything about it yet), but I'd like to ask what's possibly a bit complex. (I'm a developer and have developed some pretty large applications)


I need to create a local html page that will run on a computer on home network. The only purpose for this computer is to show the combined schedules of two people. To reiterate, there will be no entering of calendar information on this system- only display of schedules (free-busy).

One user uses Outlook; the other currently uses Yahoo calendar. The page will probably use a JavaScript timer and look for changed items in both calendars and display them in the page on some “to-be-determined” interval.

I realize I might have to actually run something on a server somewhere due to cross-domain scripting issues, but that's another road to travel.

So basically, I need to have the Outlook user’s calendar and task items to be automatically sent to a known store (Zimbra?). I don't need or want email or contact synchronization.

The page will be split in two sections:
1- Shows the calendar & task items from Outlook
2- The other, shows the calendar & task items from the Yahoo calendar or some Zimbra based calendar.

As stated already, I haven't studied any of Zimbra's capabilities yet; just want to get an idea of what's possible and how to proceed.

Thanks in advance for any help.