Hi -

I had a question from a user about the difference between Zimbra's offline storage file (the Zimbra.zdb file, unless it's been renamed) and Outlook's native .pst file. They were asking about the file-size limits, since Outlook is somewhat notorious for corrupting .pst files that approach 2 GB in size.

After searching the forum (always!) and not finding anything on the subject, I tried renaming Zimbra.zdb -> Zimbra.pst

Then, from a non-Zimbra profile in Outlook 2003, I did "File -> Open -> Outlook Data File", and ... it mounted in the left folder-tree fine. I could go in and see all my calendar, mail, etc...

So, 2 questions that are more "out of interest" than anything else (read: low priority). First - does the Zimbra.zdb file suffer the same inherent instabilities as pst files as it approaches 2 GB?

Second (and I'll try this later) - If I just rename a .pst file to be .zdb, and then create a Zimbra profile in Outlook pointing to that zdb file, will it push up all the data to the server, thus bypassing the whole need for the Import Wizard? (I'm sure there are great reasons why doing that would be horrible... just curious).

Thanks to anybody who happens to know answers to either of these!