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Thread: Outlook Error with shared tasks with reminders

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    Default Outlook Error with shared tasks with reminders

    We are running Zimbra 5.0.11. We have people sharing out their tasks done through Outlook 2003 via the share tab under properties. When someone with a task that has a reminder that goes off, anyone that is connected to the shared tasks gets this Outlook error. "The reminder for "Task Name" will not appear because the item is not in your Calendar or Task folder. Is that ok?". With a "Yes" and "No" option. Is there a way for this error to be turned off?

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    Default Shared tasks with reminders

    See Calendar or Task reminders do not appear in Outlook 2000

    The problem is that the default folder is your primary tasks folder, not the delegated one.

    With Zimbra, you won't be able to turn this off by changing the "Deliver new e-mail to the following location", since Zimbra does not support that configuration.

    There is this product: Slovak Technical Services Reminder Manager

    I have no idea whether this will work for you.

    Also, be advised that reminders for tasks do not yet sync down from the Zimbra server.

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    Yea we are just looking for reminders not to go off(or attempt to go off) over shared tasks. The software product you linked to is nice but we aren't interested in sharing reminders, just sharing tasks. Is there any plans on Zimbra having full support for tasks with outlook?

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