I've got a mystery I'm hoping someone can solve. I have a family
member using MS Outlook 2007 on a PC running Vista. She receives
email at her college address and she has Zimbra software on her
machine, which I believe forwards or converts emails to Outlook.

I have seen, on several occasions, emails in her inbox get converted
to contacts - right before my eyes. After they get converted, the
contact just has a random (or at least unknown) name to her. It looks
like someone had sent her a contact (.vcf file) in the first place.
The interesting thing is that on her college email site, I can see the
original email. So, the conversion is occuring somewhere between
Zimbra and Outlook.

I searched Google but didn't find any posts on this issue. In
thinking that there must have been some email file corruption, I ran
the Inbox Repair tool on her .pst file and her Zimbra file. This
fixed the problem for about 2 days, but unfortunately, the problem
just returned.

Does anyone have any tips on how to diagnose this problem? Her MS
Office disk is back at school and her college Help Desk is on break.
So, doing an uninstall/reinstall and/or calling the college tech
support line is not an option until she is back at school.

Thanks in advance.