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Thread: Outlook users send/recieve issue

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    Exclamation Outlook users send/recieve issue

    A number of our users are having an issue that's not immediately noticeable.

    Outlook will stop receiving email silently, hours later they may get a phone call from a customer asking if they got their email. The user hits send/receive (which is automated as well) and nothing appears. They need to kill the outlook task and reopen then their messages are delivered via Outlook. If they were running zimbra desktop it's be immediately delivered etc...

    I am running zimbra logger on the clients machines but there's such a huge amount of information in it, nothing stands out.

    the clients are using ZimbraOlkConnector-5.0.11_GA_2695_5.0.2817.11

    Any help?

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    Are these users running the Outlook iTUnes addin by any chance? This addin has been known to cause this issue. In version 5.0.12, we detect this addin (and the change notifier addin) and disable it. If you see these addins, disable them and see if you still have the problem.

    There are could be some other addins that cause this problem. You should check which addins are running besides ours.

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    Some of the clients having this issue did have iTunes so I've disabled/removed it.

    Only time will tell if that solves the mystery however.

    Has there been a 5.0.12 connector released?


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    I just made a post about a similar issue ( Here )

    Our users are also using the 5.0.11 connector with no itunes plugin installed. After an undetermined period of time they stop receiving email, but when they finally go to send an email they get the error described in my post. It isn't until this time that they realize that there is a problem and that they must restart outlook. Could both of our issues be related to the expired credentials? Have you seen any "auth credentials have expired" errors in your log files?

    Does anyone know if the 5.0.12 connector will have any sort of facility to let users know if their auth credentials have expired or is there another way to enable this sort of feature?


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