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Thread: Local Failure Notice, tags

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    Default Local Failure Notice, tags

    One of my users received a couple of these:

    Local Failures were detected.  No action is required.
    This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.
    Sync Type: Delta Sync
    Sync Token (before request): 1863
    Sync Token (most current): 2633
    Store: Zimbra - <user>
    Computer Name: LASPC408
    Version: 5.0.2767.10
    Error IDs:
    id (69) type(tag)
    The attachement shows (this is only the top of it):

    <SyncResponse md="1231454257" token="2633">
    <tag d="1231453845000" ms="1864" color="0" md="1231453845" u="0" name="Experiment notification" id="69" rev="1864"/>
    <m ms="1865" md="1231453855" l="2" id="803" rev="1865"/>
    <m ms="1866" md="1231453856" l="2" id="804" rev="1866"/>
    <m ms="1868" md="1231453860" l="2" id="806" rev="1868"/>
    <m ms="1870" md="1231453865" l="2" id="807" rev="1869"/>
    <m ms="1870" md="1231453865" l="2" id="808" rev="1870"/>
    So it looks like something borked on the tagged message. Any ideas what to do to fix this?

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    I am also getting the same failure mails, and found that it is generating when sending a meeting request with attachments. My server version is 5.0.10, is this issue got fixed on 5.0.11?

    Can I use the connector of 5.0.11 with my existing zimbra version of 5.0.10?



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