I have Zimbra NE 5.0.11 installed on a Mac Mini (10.4) and am testing Outlook 2007 interoperability. One thing that is not working for us is free/busy lookup when scheduling a meeting. I had a look at this thread: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/zimbra-...schedules.html and I verified that tools->options->calendar options->free/busy options has the search location set to

http://zimbra.mprinc.com/service/pubcal/freebusy.ifb?acct=%name%@%server%&zauthtoken=<long-token-string-deleted -for-brevity-and-security>

The token portion isn't mentioned in the referenced thread but I assume it's right.

However Outlook does not see the free/busy. One thing that might be relevant is that the server doesn't have a public SSL certificate. Thinking it might help, I've tested various zmtlsctl modes with these results:

http doesn't work.

https does not work (perhaps not surprisingly given the use of a self-signed cert). Note I did update the search location to https in Outlook.

mixed does not work regardless of whether I have secure mode set for the connector. With secure mode not set when I set up the connector, I tried both http and https for the free/busy URL, without any luck.

(I have not tested zmtlsctl both.)

Any ideas, or additional information I can upload to help find a solution? Thanks.