Our Zimbra Server is set up to host mail for our domain. Our domain's authentication settings integrated with our Active Directory. The active directory is working correctly with a few minor issues:

- Even with the authentication level set to Active Directory, and NOT internal -- I find that I'm still able to logon to select accounts using their OLD internal password. Their active directory password works, as well -- but obviously I need the internal authentication means to be disabled for this domain, and for the AD password to be the only password that works.

- If that user would change their password in Windows, and then re-launch Outlook -- they would not be presented with a dialog box that states their password is wrong. Instead, their inbox loads and just sits there. It synchronizes, but no new items are received -- and outbox items are not sent. Obviously, we would like there to be a dialog box which then asks them to re-enter their password, and asks if Zimbra should remember it.

(Modifying their password in the profile (Control Panel --> Mail) resolves this issue just fine.

Kindly advise. Thank you in advance.