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Thread: [SOLVED] Outlook 2007 crash at startup with ZCS Connector ZimbraOlkConnector-5.0.1_G

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaustin View Post
    Removed %SYSTEM32%\mspst32.dll....still crashes.

    Located another MSPST32.dll in the Office 12 folder...replaced this with one from a "healthy" computer and restarted. Still crashes.
    MSPST32.dll in the Office12 folder is OK.
    %SYSTEM32%\mspst32.dll was left by some software that installed some old version of MAPI.

    So after removing %SYSTEM32%\mspst32.dll please recreate logs and repost also crash dumps.

    Can you try the most recent version of ZCO?

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    So I uninstalled ZimbraOlkConnector-5.0.1_GA_1900_5.0.2450.1 and deleted the profile, then installed ZimbraOlkConnector-5.0.11_GA_2695_5.0.2817.11 and everything seems to be working fine. Even the TOPSS software. Makes me feel a bit silly actually, but I'm very glad that I don't need to wipe 'er clean. Thanks for all of your help!

    -Jill Austin

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