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Thread: Meeting Requests & Resources

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirkaiya
    Off-topic somewhat:
    Have you guys been looking at other "Outlook connectors" that are out there (thinking of OpenXchange and Scalix, specifically). I read that the connector for Scalix has rudimenatary support for syncing rules back to the server. Not sure how the OOM supports getting access to the rules, but you guys are smart!!
    It's something that's on our list.
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    And my free/busy status is now set and working within Outlook 2003 (using the search URL:

    (If anybody else happens to do a search on these forums for this)

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    Configuring the fb url and syncing outlook rules with zimbra rules are both slated for a future release.
    Sam Khavari

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    Default Shouldn't Out of Office and Busy cause Auto-Accept?

    We ran into a problem where someone booked a resource and it was for a meeting out of the office, so logically the user chose to "Show As: Out Of Office" but the resource auto-accepted the booking even though there was a conflict. It only doesn't auto-accept if marked "Busy".

    Should I make bug report on this?


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    Default import Zimbra self-signed CA

    Quote Originally Posted by sam View Post
    Yes, free busy lookups should work. You should be able to do them over SSL if you have a valid SSL certificate on the server.

    I haven't tried it but you should be able to import the self-signed certificate to make it a trusted entity. See here for more information:

    Microsoft Corporation

    I am using zimbra in SSL mode.
    I have encountered some problem when import Zimbra self-signed CA.

    1. I export the CA from IE to zimbra.cer
    2. At outlook, Tools -> Option -> Security -> Import Digital ID
    Import zimbra.cer

    But it still cannot access free/busy info.

    I don't know which step is wrong.

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