Hello to anyone!

I've a strange issue with Zimbra and ZCO for outlook. I've created a shared address book in my webmail.

When i use the "Open other user folder" on Outlook 2003 i can see the shared address book and i can add/remove/modify contacts.

But when i compose email messages i'm not able to get shared contacts from shared contacts. So i have right-clicked on shared contact->Properties to find "Show this folder as address book" checkbox but there is'nt the "Outlook Addressk book" tab!

This is the properties windows of shared contacts:

It seems that otlook not recognize the contact folder as valid, but i can see all contact and i can work on shared contacts without problems.

My Zimbra Server version is: 5.0.13_GA_2790
My Outlook version is: Outlook 2003 Professional 11.5608.5606
My connector version is: ZimbraOlkConnector-5.0.13_GA_2790_5.0.2893.13

Thank in advance !