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Thread: [SOLVED] Blackberry Desktop Sync V 4.7 not sync-ing Calendar

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    Default [SOLVED] Blackberry Desktop Sync V 4.7 not sync-ing Calendar

    I am having no luck getting a Blackberry Curve to sync with Outlook 2003 with ZCS 5.0.2893 (NE 5.0.13_GA_2790). It indicates that the sync is going but no calendar items are synced, the software does not crash. It was not sync-ing with BB Desktop 4.2 so I removed it and installed 4.7 with re-director with no luck. I've removed and re-installed the ZCS and Desktop Manager twice. I've removed the outlook profile and created a new one and still no luck. I've read all of the related posts and the instructions for cradle sync on the support site. This is a major issue for the client. Thank you

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    I have just tried cradle syncing with our latest version (ZCO 5.0.15 -- not yet released), and a BlackBerry 8800, running BDM, and the calendar syncs fine. I don't think anything has changed in this area -- this has been working for me for a long time. I wouldn't think the type of phone makes a difference, but I suppose it's possible.

    Some questions:

    Has this ever worked for you?

    How are you adding appts? Do you generally add in Outlook, Zimbra Web client, the device?

    Do you have some log files you can send? Relevant ones would be:
    zco logs

    DesktopMgr.exe logs from the same directory as the zco logs

    PtTrace.log (in Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync)

    RIM.log (in Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync\<pin>)

    WCESLog.log (in Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp)

    Also, I'm not if you're also running Outlook when you do this. Make sure Outlook has shut down completely when you switch operations.


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    Default Updates

    It works on all of the other PCs on the network. At some point it worked on this PC, I think it quit when someone set up calendar sharing.

    They add appointsments on both devices (it doesn't sync either way)

    I'll attached the LOG files that exist.

    I have tried with outlook open and closed.

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    Default Issue Resolved.

    I removed Outlook, ZCS, and Blackberry software. Re-installed outlook, updated outlook), installed ZCS, and install desktop manager 4.6

    Thank you

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