I searched for awhile in the forum to try not to double-up, but I couldn't find an existing issue that seemed to match up. Basically, shared calendars are constantly trying to sync in the Zimbra progress window, but keep failing (and then keep trying to sync) and therefore when you try to exit Outlook (File > Exit), outlook.exe & winword.exe just will not quit on their own. Many minutes pass, no dice. Seems like the sync prevents outlook from letting go. The calendars themselves seem to open fine and be operational, but I wouldn't know if a particular appt is missing.

More detail: This user is in a small department and we're trying to open several shared calendars in Outlook 2003 with ZCO 5.0.10. The calendars are of her colleauges--most are view-only, one or two gave her manager role, and there are 5 people's calendars total. I've tried creating a brand new profile in Outlook for her. I've tried closing the shares and then moving the relevant .zdb and .idm files out of the default location to force new ones to be created. In all cases, I just get Unknown error in the zimbra progress window when I highlight the failed syncs, and it keeps trying again as soon as it fails. So there's constant action with syncing that never finishes. Two of the calendars failed once and then synced successfully, but I can't figure out a pattern. Some of the other users in the department use ZCO as well (same versions) and we just noticed failures in the sync to other people's calendars in this department as well. How would I be able to detect if something's corrupted in a particular calendar?

What I've tried:
ZCO logs were copious (twelve 10 MB files during the 1-2 min. it took to open outlook and recreate). I'm not sure where I should send the logs since I don't want to post them publicly. Also, thanks to fsiegel's post elsewhere, i just learned how the heck to show the Sync Issues folder and there were no new msgs generated there beyond the time I started trying to open shared calendars in the new profile. (There was one Local Failure message upon creating the new profile, mostly referencing problems with appointments with a user no longer with us, but again, that was prior to introducing the shares anyway.)

Outlook needs to close properly so that it will (a.) store cached addresses properly, (b.) start up properly again, and (c.) probably a host of reasons that I'm not even aware of at the moment! I cringe every time I have to kill the outlook.exe process.

Thanks in advance,