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Thread: Yet another GAL problem with Outlook 2007

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    Default Yet another GAL problem with Outlook 2007

    Hello everyone.

    First time Zimbra NE trial installation. Everything seems to be working fine, but have a problem with GAL on all user accounts. GAL is simply now shown in Outlook 2007. Zimbra NE 5.0.15 downloaded today and installed in vmware image on Ubuntu 8.4.2 with latest updates. Client system is Windows XP with latest patches + Outlook 2007. I guess all the tech info is included in the log file from outlook connector.

    Problem description (reproduced on at least 3 accounts):

    1. Installed Outlook connector and setup the Zimbra server, username/password.
    2. Initial synchronisation finished without any errors/warnings
    3. Forced the manual update of GAL
    4. Opened Address Books from the Tools Menu
    5. The list of address book showed 2 things: Outlook Address Books -> Contact List
    6. Global Address List is not shown. Autocomplete does not work for GAL
    7. closed outlook and restarted it again for the second time from the installation of Zimbra Connector
    8. Opened Address Books - now I do not see any address book listed at all. The Address Books showed Contact List after the first time Outlook+Zimbra was installed and run, but the second outlook running and consecutive times I run outlook, no address book is show. Field is empty, but the contacts can be added and seen from the Contacts bar in Outlook. The contacts are also visible in Web interface after they are created in Outlook

    Please note that this behaviour is reproduced on several accounts and no warnings or errors are shown under Send/Receive or when I manually update the GAL.
    Also, GAL works perfectly fine from a web interface for all users. Zimbra Desktops works fine as well. The problem seems to be with the outlook connector.

    Any help on solving this issue is highly apreaciated as it is the only issue that i've found so far that stops us from Zimbra install.

    Many thanks

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