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Thread: Outlook 2007 Sync Issue

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    Default so far so good...

    I left Outlook running for 72 hours without incident after the upgrade and that's not happened before, so there is something different going on here.

    So, from this user's perspective, it seems to be working better so far...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wedwards View Post
    Has anyone's upgrade to 5.0.16 resulted in these issues going away? I havent had a chance to do the upgrade yet, and probably wont get to this for a few more weeks.

    I have however noticed that if a user has outlook open and at the same time logs into the web client, they almost certainly report this issue within the next day or so. As per comments from fselendic, the issue also appears to affect calendar appointments as well as email sync. I have already sent through some logs for this, but they show nothing as previously advised.

    This isnt the most scientific description of how to replicate the issue, but in the absence of error messages in logs etc, its all I have.

    Would be interested to know whether upgrades have resolved the issues for anyone here.
    Well, my customer was desperate, so I had to try with upgrading to 5.0.16.

    Unfortunately, upgrade didn't go so well, so I had to wait for this weekend to finish it. And still got some stabilizing to do. So, now, syncing is low on my and their priority list , have to fight some weird situations, which are leftovers of working for one week with half finished upgrade.

    Anyhow, will post my experiences with that new combo, which includes 5.0.16 Server, connector, and Outlook 2007 SP2. Overall combo seems to be much faster and more stable than what I/they had before (5.0.5, Outlook 2007 SP1), and I hope it will prove to be THE solution.

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    OK, second week now in 5.0.16 Zimbra server, plus connector, plus MS Office 2007 SP2.

    All I can say is, FINALLY

    Works great, works fast, works without any problems. Strongly recommending to anyone who ever had problems with Outlook 2007 and/or Zimbra connector.

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    FWIW: clicking the [X] box *purposely* doesn't close outlook, you have to use File->Exit to get a real shutdown -- which can still take several seconds to a minute in some cases.
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