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Thread: Headers only ZCO?

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    Default Headers only ZCO?

    This is a plea for as many people as possible to vote for Bug 11962 - Sync Mode: Headers Only, Rest On Demand.

    We serve several small businesses from a single ZCS Network Edition instance on the Internet. Although it works great, especially from the ZCS web interface, we have some Outlook users who develop difficulties. The problem is most evident with administrative assistant types who keep a copy of many different email boxes in their Outlook. The amount of network traffic and local disk space used by the constant caching causes some serious headaches and we resort to profile rebuilding quite often. (It's difficult to explain that Zimbra is better than Exchange when we have to keep re-building profiles.)

    Since Microsoft has done a much better job of selling Outlook than we can do selling the ZCS web interface, this enhancement request sounds like a really good answer to our caching problem. Please help.

    The folks at Microsoft made a headers-only option for Exchange, probably to solve the same problem. It's time or equal ability in Zimbra.

    (There is a duplicate post in Administrators forum)

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    BTW, this bug is targeted for inclusion in the next Major Zimbra release, you'll see that in the Product Portal. I don't know if you've done this but as an NE customer you should also raise a support case and get it added to the bug report (for added weight) as well as voting on it.


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