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Thread: [SOLVED] Outlook contacts and GAL issues

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    Default [SOLVED] Outlook contacts and GAL issues


    We are having an issue with a user not being able to use their created contacts and the GAL. Local contacts are visible in the contacts area of outlook, but if you create a new email and click “To”, it doesn't display any address book (created contacts or GAL).

    We have tried using Zimbra Import Wizard to reload just the contacts from this user's previous PST file with no luck. Issue still remains.

    When we go to tools->Account Settings->Address Book Tab and then check the outlook mapi file it doesn't list any address books, but yet when you go into the contacts area of outlook you can see there are approx 370 contacts listed.

    We then logged into the webmail client and verified that the contacts are listed on the server and usable from the web client. When we click the "To" button on an email we are able to select between the different address books and it lists perfectly.

    Zimbra Connector is installed and working as the user is able to send and receive email, just that contacts are unusable.

    I have just enabled logging so I don't have a log file as of yet.

    Outlook Version: 2007
    Server Version: 5.0.13 RHEL 5 64 Network Edition

    Any help is appreciated and if further information is required let me know.


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    We don't typically use Outlook in our environment, so I am not entirely sure this is the same problem. However, I did recently have a user who is using the ZCO and was unable to get contacts from the GAL after we upgraded to 5.0.13. Looking in the /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log showed permissions errors when trying to sync. The fix was to enable the permisson on the account with:
    zmprov ma account@domain zimbraFeatureGalSyncEnabled TRUE
    You can also set the default behavior by doing:
    zmprov mc default zimbraFeatureGalSyncEnabled TRUE

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    Default Resolution

    After reading a note in the connector manual I realized that the user was moved from one machine to another. During the transfer a profile file was moved along with it. This caused an issue synchronizing fully with the server. Emails would synchronize but contacts and random undeliverable messages were being sent.


    Removed all their files located in their outlook folder, removed their mail profile, uninstalled the connector and then started from scratch.

    This resolved the issue but forced a fresh resynch, so for anyone else having the same issue expect a delay of getting the user fully back up.

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