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Thread: Outlook and Google Desktop

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    Default Outlook and Google Desktop

    So I have just traced a strange problem we are having. The issue presented itself with very high utilization on the server side and very high bandwidth utilization between the client and server. We went through a bunch of troubleshooting steps but ultimately traced the problem to Google Desktop.

    Initially there was consistently 1M of bandwidth being used in an upload direction between the client and server. Once google desktop was disabled everything went back to normal. While that was happening, the Java process on the server was consistently between 45-70% CPU utilization and spiked up to 100%.

    My question is, has anybody run into issues like this with google desktop? Is anybody actively using google desktop with the outlook plugin?

    Version Info

    Client Information

    Client Version: 5.0.11_GA_2695.UBUNTU8
    Client Release: 20081117023350
    Build Date: 20081117-0245

    The Outlook Plugin is the one that came with the 5.0.11 package. Any tips would be helpful because it is going to be hard to prevent my users from installing google desktop.

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    Default Google desktop.


    From my expireance google desktop cannot index zimbra mail.
    i am not sure regarding your issue you mention but i assum it related to the fact that google desktop cannot index zimbra mail, this is odd i am also wating for any kind of replay from the zimbra supprots.

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