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Thread: Outlook 2003 will not sync Shared Contacts

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    Default Outlook 2003 will not sync Shared Contacts

    I have installed the zimbra connector (version 5.0.16) and all mail, calendar and contacts sync properly. However I cannot get shared contacts to sync at all. They will sync with the web client, but will not appear in Outlook. I have check the registy (as mentioned in several other posts, it is set to 3 but i've had no luck resolving the issue.
    When I go to file - open - other users folder, it allows me to select the user sharing the contacts, but then says "cannot display this folder." Is or has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    This works as advertised for me on 5.0.16 and other versions. What I would suggest is that you start off with the share not mounted, enable ZCO logging, open that user's mailbox, try to sync, and then post the log.

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