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Thread: 'Local Failure Notice' messages

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    Good morning,
    Sorry to speak again on this subject, but I have a doubt.
    Using Zimbra server 7.02 and users sometimes receive these messages that our friend (A.Schmidt) reported.
    How can I disable all error messages to the users and send to the server administrator?

    if you can send me the command to start the server

    thank you very much


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    I also got this type of error

    This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.

    Sync Type: Delta Sync

    Sync Token (before request): 1087

    Sync Token (most current): 1087

    Store: Zimbra - xxxxx

    Computer Name: PMCBECLT043B

    ZCO Version:

    Server Version: 8.0.6_GA_5922

    Error IDs:
    id (3544) type(contact)

    The error seems to come from a contact , but I don't know how to identify it. If anyone can help to identify the problem



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