one of our customers is receiving 'Local Failure Notice' messages several times a day. He has two notebooks, each of them running Outlook 2007 with ZCO 5.0.2992.16, Server version 5.0.16_GA_2923.

These mails have several xml files attached which are totally useless for him (and even us) because they only contain technical details. Yes, they could be interesting for the developer team but sending them to an end user is quite useless. Sending these messages to the Sysadmin would maybe make more sense. Names of the attachments are "obj_request_xxxxxx.xml", obj_response_xxxxxx.xml" and "sync_response.xml", where xxxxxx stands for ascending 6 digit numbers.
It seems that synchronization works accurate, though. Even though there are no obvious faults we are not sure that synchronization really works properly.

We asked our customer to enable logging with ZCOLogCtl.exe. He sent us an 8MB log file which again is totally useless for us because there are too much information stored in it and so again it is interesting for developers only. Nevertheless I had a look at the log file but could not find something that could help us.

Reinstalling ZCO, restarting Outlook, restarting Windows and so on did not help. Our customer still receives the 'Local Failure Notice' messages. Of course he's not happy about this situation, neither are we...

I have read in the forum that the messages can be disabled, but that's of course no real solution:

"Set \HKLM\Software\Zimbra\turnOffLocalFailures to 1"

Does anyone know what the reason for this strange behaviour of Outlook 2007 / ZCO is?

Especially if Zimbra developer read this, please help us to find out what we can do for our customer! If you are a developer and need the logfiles for analysis, please contact me. We cannot post them here because they contain private content.