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Thread: Manual 'Send & Receive' using ZCO

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    Default Manual 'Send & Receive' using ZCO


    One of my users wants to set up Outlook to manually send and receive email. I told him to go change it the "normal" way in 'Send & receive settings' in Outlook. He did so and reported back that it didn't work. Email is still coming in every X minutes without him doing anything.

    I tested the same setup myself, and indeed, he seems to be right, it doesn't work as expected. I'm running 5.0.16 on both server and clients, using the latest patched ZCO. I also tried some work-arounds, like setting the value to a very large number of minutes between checks, but that didn't work either.

    It seems that ZCO is not using the Outlook rules for sending and receiving email, as it has it's own send and receive rule/group. However, I can't find a way to change its settings.

    Does anyone have ideas of how to set Outlook using ZCO to manually send and receive new mail?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There's a setting in the class of service that sets a 5 minute polling interval by default. That might be doing it.

    You could set his Outlook to "Work Offline". I've got people here that wouldn't automatically get mail if their Outlook was offline unless I changed their Outlook settings to do an automatic fetch if offline.

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