This is really strange. After successfully installing ZCO 5.0.18 on Vista for Outlook 2007 (Unknown SP# as yet), the initial sync works flawlessly.

Initially, the Zimbra web interface shows everything - including the phone numbers.

Then, after a usb sync with the associated Blackberry..all the phone numbers disappear from the Zimbra web interface!

Field mapping problem in Blackberry Desktop?

So I did this: I exported the Address Book from the Web Interface to a .csv file. And in the .csv file...there are the phone numbers!

Has anyone ever seen this one? I searched the forums using every keyword I could think of - phone, missing, display, vanish, showing, gone, problem, field, mapping - in the combinations you'd expect, but I didn't find anything like this problem.

I also cleared the cache and reloaded, just to be sure that it wasn't browser-cache related - and I tried Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. None of them show the Contact phone numbers, even though the export seems to prove that they're there...

What might I have done that could have caused this problem - if it is a problem?