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    Hi All

    I'm currently running my mail server on a Dell 1U rack server. I have Postfix for smtp, Dovecot for imaps and squirrelmail for http and https. Mail is stored in maildir format and credentials are garnered from windows active directory. Works great but no collaboration. I am reading up on zimbra so I can plan a migration. Has anyone ever migrated from a setup similar to mine to Zimbra? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    That's almost the same setup that we have (Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, Squirrelmail, authenticate against external LDAP).

    The migration is pretty painless. Just configure Zimbra to authenticate against external LDAP. Then use imapsync to migrate the messages from one server to the other. Then use CSV or LDIF export of the addresses books, and import them into Zimbra.

    If you know perl (or are good with sh, awk, sed, and so on), you can automate a lot of it using scripts.

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