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Thread: Auto-show all shared calendars, mail, and contacts

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    Default Auto-show all shared calendars, mail, and contacts

    I'm Currently running Zimbra NE 5.0.13 and Outlook 2007 with connector. Everything seems to work as expected except any kind of shared resource. None of the shares are synced until I manually add them using the File Open menu. I have a large number of users and we use a single account to provide a central share for multiple calendars, email folders and contacts to all our users. To have to manually add this to every single install of outlook would prove to be a very time consuming task that would be a pain to manage. Is there something more automated that can be done? It even supposed to work like this?

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    Yes -- this is the way it works for now. In 6.0, we have added some enhancments where we can tell if you've added a share on the web client, and then you'll get notification with the ability to mount/dismount the appropriate share (bug 30465). We're also working to have ZCO use the whole email notification scheme that the web client uses (bug 23879). For now, though, use Open Other Users' Mailbox.

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