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Thread: [SOLVED] Tags/categories disappearing in Address Book

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    Default [SOLVED] Tags/categories disappearing in Address Book


    i have problem after migration process from MS Exchange to last Zimbra NE.
    Some of my users have categories in address book. Categories are synced (like tags), but contacts lose this tags.

    My users have outlook 2007 with outlook connector. If they set tags in web interface and sync outlook, so tags are cleared. The same issue if they set tags in Outlook.

    If they set tags in web interface and use only web interface, everything is ok (but they don't may use Outlook).

    Is there any solution to make tag on contact in address book working in Outlook 2007 with Outlook connector?


    Solved. Go to Tools > Rules & Alerts and remove the default 'Clear Categories on Mail' rule that Microsoft added in Outlook 2007.
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