I'm an IT consultant for a company who uses Zimbra 5.0.15. A user is receiving local failure notices; a sample can be seen below. Granted, I'm not very experienced in analyzing the logs so maybe someone can help me out. She is using ZimbraOlkConnector-5.0.15_GA_2850_5.0.2931.15

Local Failures were detected. No action is required.
This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.

Sync Type: Delta Sync

Sync Token (before request): 30491

Sync Token (most current): 30507

Store: Zimbra - Mendel

Computer Name: SUELAPTOP

Version: 5.0.2931.15

Error IDs:
id (5103) type(appointment) message([Subject: Updated: DISCERN Team
[Details: could not find occurrence for this date(TZID=Pacific Time (US &
Canada):20090720T130000 Main appt time zone: Pacific Time (US &
Canada))ERROR - Problem processing an exception. Inconsistencies may

I have 4 attachments that I would be able to privately send:

obj_mime_5103.txt (7.5 kB)
obj_request_5103.xml (0.6 kB)
obj_response_5103.xml (19.7 kB)
sync_response.xml (0.9 kB)

If anyone can help point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.