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Thread: ZCO related time discrepency in public calendars.

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    Default ZCO related time discrepency in public calendars.

    Let me get the version information out of the way first.
    ZCS 5.0.18, ZCO's ranging from 5.0.10 to 5.0.18

    We're noticing an issue with appointments created via the Outlook through the ZCO, and public viewers. The issue is that the time on appointments is incorrect.

    Here is the scenario.

    User creates an appointment on one of their calendars, say the time is set for 7:00. If a viewer, accesses this calendar with view only permission. The appointment shows on the calendar with the correct time, but if you view the details of the appointment, the time is off by 4 hours. (in this example, 3:00).

    If an appointment is created via webmail, the time appears correct.
    If the problem appointment is viewed via webmail (with the same view only permission) the appointment appears to have the correct time.

    The only time the problem occurs is when the problem appears is when the appointment is created via the ZCO, and it's viewed via the public calendar link. (http://<zimbraserver>/home/<user>/<calendarname>.html)

    Is this a bug that others have run into, and if so, is there a fix?


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    I had never tried this, but yeah -- I'm seeing some weird issues. Whether I created the appointment with the web client or Outlook, it seemed like they were off for 3 hours for me. Is this a timezone issue with a particular browser perhaps? Do all browsers to the same thing?

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    Ive submitted a bug regarding this. It's being investigated.

    Bug 40897 &ndash; Times are off on public calendar, for events created by ZCO.

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