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Thread: Zimbra 6 download headers only, question/issue

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    Default Zimbra 6 download headers only, question/issue

    OK, so we have Zimbra 6 NE running and have got the Outlook connector working with an Outlook 2003 (sp2) client. However, the behavior of the "download headers only" option aren't quite what we had expected. If selected in the connector it does indeed only download headers, but clicking on a message doesn't instantly retrieve the message as would be expected. Instead an error comes up stating that the message must be marked for download. The user then has to manually right-click, choose download this message, and then send/receive to get the message. Is this correct? We had expected the behavior to be more along the lines of whent he message is clicked it instantly pulls it down and displays it. Any help/info appreciated.

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    Yes, this is correct. An enhancement request for your exact issue has already been filed -- bug 38520. Make some noise and vote for it, and we can schedule it.

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