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Thread: Missing Tools>Zimbra Rules and Alerts

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    Well, now I'm unable to add "Customize" as it's not there. I've deleted the outcmd.dat file and reset all toolbars. I'm now troubleshooting this missing toolbar menu item in Outlook. If anyone has any ideas on that I'd appreciate it, but I'll keep working with Outlook on this.

    Thanks for the info fsiegel. I tested that on my machine and it works exactly the way you describe it. I then tried adding my own menu item with a macro I had build, then renaming it on the toolbar to "Organize" (even adding the & before the "z") and that did not trick the zimbra connector like I'd hoped it would. :P

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    Yeah -- I wouldn't think tricking the connector would work. Our connector is much to smart for that :-) So Tools->Customize isn't there? What if you right click the mouse in the big blue area in the upper right hand corner? Maybe it will show up there?

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